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I’m a bit slow off the mark with this post, but something unexpected happened at the start of the year which meant I didn’t get as much time as I thought I would have last week to write it up.

I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions, I never really have; to me they feel a bit too nitty-gritty and focussed. As a bit of a perfectionist that kind of approach isn’t very good for my psyche – I get all wound up and tense if I slip-up! Just as the title of my blog alludes to, I’m trying to work on an attitude of persistence rather than perfection, so I prefer to set wider and less focussed goals that I can work on over a length of time.

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I have three main goals for 2014 that encompass a lot of little things – there’s progress to be made towards all of them and that could be by changing or doing little things or embarking on some bigger projects. Either way, I hope to end the year feeling like I’ve made some progress on all of them:

  • My environment

It’s a beautiful country that we live in, and instead of jetting off to more exotic climes, I’d like to spend a little more time exploring the UK this year. There are so many places that I’ve read about, or been told about, that I’d like to visit but keep putting off. So many places that I’ve seen on a sign-post and thought ‘one day I’ll go and see what’s there’. These include whole areas of the UK, tourist attractions, sleepy villages, historic places and local beauty spots. This is the time to start exploring and enjoying what’s to offer in the UK!

A few of the places on my list for this year are the cathedral at St David’s in Pembrokeshire (this one will be ticked off on the side-to-side cycle challenge Mr PoP and I will be doing in June as it starts in St David’s), Butterfly World off junction 16 of the M4 (this sounds odd and very specific, but I pass the sign to this twice a day and still haven’t been there!), and the museum at Bletchley Park. Longer term I’d like to explore some of Scotland, in particular the Isle of Skye, and would like to go to Ireland and venture further than Dublin!

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  • My body and mind

I’ve already begun getting back into the swing of eating healthily after the excesses of Christmas, and have managed to register a 3lbs weight loss – it’s small in the context of what I want to lose overall, but it’s a good start! This year I want to continue on my healthy eating journey, expanding my repertoire of recipes and discovering a sustainable way of eating that’s gives my body what it needs whilst still allowing me to achieve my weight loss goals.

Alongside my eating, I want to continue to work on my fitness in 2014. I made a good start in 2013 by taking up road cycling – this year I’d like to get out on the bike more regularly (this will help with the ‘my environment’ goal above too!). In June Mr PoP and I will be undertaking our side-to-side cycle challenge, so there will be plenty of training needed for that (OK, so that’s one specific goal!). I may also think about entering a cycling sportive in the late summer to give me something else to work towards, but I’m not sure about this as I’ve never entered any sort of race before.

To keep my mind as healthy as my body is going to be, and to help me manage my stressful job (and work travel!), I’ve started learning to meditate. It’s only been a few days since I started to do ten minutes guided meditation per day, but I can already feel a difference on my sleep quality and on my happiness levels. I would like to develop this practice over the coming year as I feel it could really help me to become more grounded and in touch with myself.

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  • My relationships

The special friends and family around me are the most important part of my life, and I know that sometimes when I’m busy I can let these relationships slip. This year I’ll strive to be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend…to make more effort to be present in the lives of those that I care about, and if I can’t be there physically to find ways to be there through letters, skype, phonecalls etc.

Do you set New Year’s resolutions?

What would you like to achieve this year?

~ PoPpy ~

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